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„Warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn das Gute liegt so nah?“
This old German saying tells us to look around us when searching for good things and moments.
We´ve all heard this a bit too often, maybe. Nevertheless we will stroll through our neighbourhood today and take a walk in our very own district,
in order to prove this saying to be quite fitting for Kreuzberg.

Concerning old things: Peter Althammer is a man who really knows what we´re talking about.
As owner of „Vintage Living“, a wonderful shop for vintage furnitures and decoration right in front of the entrance of Orania.Berlin, he cares about the items and their wellbeing.
There are various treasures from the time between 1910 and 1980 he and his team restored
in the company´s own workshop, bringing back the old spark.
For today we have to resist temptation and leave behind the elegant brown leather arm chairs and the stunning cascade lamp from the 60s,
because we don´t think we could carry it all during our walk.
We wave our neighbour goodbye and notice an aspect contributing enormously to Kreuzberg´s charm. When you keep your eyes open walking through these streets, there´s no way getting around all the street art you necessarily see.
We follow the almost-open-air-gallery Oranienstraße for 500m, leave legendary club SO36 behind, and reach the small square Heinrichplatz.
It´s actually going through changes these days.
In September 2020 it should have been renamed in “Rio-Reiser-Platz“.
The event, including two “Ton Steine Scherben“ concerts at SO36,
was postponed because of Covid-19, though.

Rio Reiser was the band´s singer and songwriter and later a succesful solo artist.
Songs as „Alles Lüge“ (it´s all a lie) or of course „König von Deutschland“ (Germany´s king) are still known to most Germans. The impression we still have of him, even decades after his death in 1996, has much to do with his engagement in left politics and his admirably brave handling
of his homosexuality in the 70s.
We continue our way on Mariannenstraße until Mariannenplatz.
On the left, the two amazing towers of “Bethanien“ dominate the picture. The former protestant hospital has been transformed into Kunstraum Kreuzberg.
There are free art exhibitions concerning current social and cultural themes
taking place in these ancient halls.

Also worth mentioning: the international festival for arts and digital culture, Transmediale,
with a whole year of programme. A part of it takes place in Kunstraum Kreuzberg.
Until March 28th you can take use of the possibility to
visit the current exhibition “Rendering Refusal“ online.

At the northern end of Mariannenplatz another great building awaits us.
This neoclassical church of St. Thomas was built in the 19th century
and by that time the largest religious building in Berlin with 3000 seats.
We have to admit: so much culture makes us hungry.
That´s why we´re heading towards Markthalle Neun now.
Built as one of 14 city market halls, it is one of the last of its kind.
From the 1990s on, supermarkets and discounters could be found underneath its spacious roof.
We´re glad this development was undone by three private owners in 2011.

Nowadays you can discover many tempting stands offering mainly regional and seasonal food and drinks. This manner of grocery trade contributes a lot to environmental protection as well as the protection of jobs and social melting points in the neighbourhood.
We can also say Hi to one of our suppliers, Weinhandlung Suff (engl.: wine store boozing).

In times without a pandemic there´s a weekly special: Street Food Thursday,
offering even more culinary highlights from all around the globe until 10pm.
As we are not allowed to eat inside the hall at the moment, we take our snacks with us and continue our walk heading towards river Spree.
At the riverside we enjoy the view of one of Kreuzberg´s most popular landmarks, Oberbaumbrücke. Since 1895 the bridge connects the districts Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Several clubs and media companies can be found on both sides of the bridge.
Worldplayer Universal Music is just one of them.

You might have seen Oberbaumbrücke in the news last weekend.
On Friday, Fridays for Future decorated all of its street with a huge work of art saying “another world is possible“.
On Kreuzberg´s side of the bridge we discover a huge graffiti of famous street artist Blu.
The Italian, who – typical for his job – hasn´t uncovered his identity yet,
is considered one of the most important representatives of modern muralism.
The pink monster was born in 2007 and consists of many frightened human beings without gender or personality. In their panic they don´t notice how they are creating something even bigger and more terrifying, which is about to devour the only white figure of the painting, perhaps the last individual or resistance standing.

After this rather dark message we start missing our second home.
Because it still hasn´t gotten too warm, we take the bus back to Oranienstraße and end the day at Orania.Berlin.
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