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Because of Covid-19 cinemas and the film industry are facing a serious crisis. Nevertheless today we would like to show you what movies have meant to Berlin in the past as well as they mean to the capital nowadays.

We are looking forward to the end of the week already. A part of the new movie “Muxmäuschenstill 2 - Die Kreuzbergritter“ will be shot at Orania.Berlin. We´ll keep you up to date.

In order to be able to watch this movie at the cinema once it is ready, we want to support local movie theatres a bit. That´s easy thanks to Kino on Demand and its charity streaming project “Lieblingskino Paket“. We can buy access to five great movies online (available in English, too), receive a cinema voucher for five Euros and another five Euros go to one of the many great cinemas in Berlin or Germany in general - #streamenfürskino.
Let´s see: we have got some good movies waiting for us, we are going to talk about some more in a minute and we will also show you some wonderful movie theatres in the city … what is missing now? Popcorn, of course! Popcorn and the movies belong together like … well… popcorn and the movies. Therefore we are heading towards district Prenzlauer Berg now, our destination is Popkornditorei Knalle - the pastry shop for homemade, fair and ecologically produced “Pop-Art-Corn“. „Butterkaramell Tahiti-Vanille“ - this flavour sounds like a luxury version of good old sweet popcorn, always a good choice. But dark chocolate roasted almond or pink pepper cornflower are making us curious, too…. hard to decide, isn´t it? As soon as you get back to Berlin again, keep in mind that Knalle sell their sweets all around Berlin and their online-shop delivers to all parts of Germany and is even available in Austria.
With our wonderful cinema snack in our hands we would like to take a closer look at some of the movies, that have affected Berlin and general movie history most.

Let´s start with "Dinner For One". Wasn´t shot in Berlin, you say? Well, do you know the Orania.DinnerForOne with Ronny Grosser and Benedikt Preuß already? If you would like to share how much you like this video, you can still vote for us at the Hotel Social Media Award 2021 until Saturday.

Back to movie legends now. It is almost a kind of sacred cinematic duty to start with Fritz Lang´s classical silent movie “Metropolis“. The 1927 science-fiction-film was the first of its kind and also the first to be part of UNESCO´s Memory Of The World. Every aspect of this movie was monumental: the enormous costs, a production time of one and a half years and its original length of two and a half hours. Unfortunately, a great deal of the original material was destroyed and could not be reconstructed yet, because of the hope to attract a greater audience by shortening the astonishingly unsuccessful movie. It was shot just some kilometres away from the capital, in the worldknown “Filmstadt“ (movie city) Babelsberg. If you would like to have a look at it: there´s a partly restored version with English subtitles on YouTube.
We dare to do the Time Warp now and warmly recommend you to enjoy Leander Haußmann´s comedy „Sonnenallee“ (Sun Alley). Released in 1999, the movie deals with the life of teenagers in East Berlin in the seventies. Its positive and non idealized way of storytelling is still worth experiencing. The full movie can surprisingly be found on YouTube with English subtitles.
Talking about important German film productions today, we mustn´t forget the high-class crime series „Babylon Berlin“. It is the most expensive German TV production so far and the most costly non-English-speaking series in general and succesful in many countries already. The fourth season will be shot this year. If you would like to know more, dive into the world of Berlin´s roaring Twenties with Gereon Rath and Lotte Ritter on the official international website.
The opening night of the third season of Babylon Berlin was celebrated in one of Germany´s most popular cinemas, Zoo Palast. The history of this movie theatre goes back to 1919 and from 1957 to 1999 it was the main spot for the competition of the Berlinale. It was renovated from 2011 to 2013. Would you like to take a look inside the halls during the time of its re-opening?
A bit more quiet, but equally atmospheric is Babylon Kreuzberg. This beautiful arthouse cinema is just about 150m away from Orania.Berlin in Dresdner Straße. You can watch high-quality artistic movies in their original language in two wonderful cinema auditoriums - as soon as it will be allowed to open their doors again, of course. By the way, Babylon belongs to the associtation „Yorck Kinogruppe“, which is currently working on a new digital streaming service. It is supposed to start in June and we also support this treasure in our neighbourhood by buying a voucher for some other day.
Talking about our neighbourhood: Hopefully we can enjoy some cinematic nights at Freiluftkino Kreuzberg again this year. The open-air cinema is located in the garden of Kunstquartier Bethanien - we have shown you the two memorable towers on our walk through Kreuzberg. It is just around the corner of Orania.Berlin.

Are you missing this great city a bit now? You can go on a digital journey immediately with Arte´s special of „Stadt Land Kunst“ just about Berlin. You can watch it in German or French. And now we can only hope to be able to quote another piece of movie history set at Berlin´s famous Nollendorfplatz very soon and say: Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!
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