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According to the magazine Spiegel an average of 168 movies were shot in Berlin every month until 2017. It is probably not quite like this right now. But the best thing with movies is that we can still enjoy them long after they have been created - contrary to live experiences as concerts or theatre performances. This is why we would like to get back to last week´s topic again and show you our favourite spots in Berlin, where great movies were made.

Roaming the city´s streets we come by outstanding spots. That Orania.Berlin is one of them was proven last week by the filmcrew of “Muxmäuschenstill 2 - Die Kreuzbergritter“.
For the beginning, let us stay in familiar territory. A quick warm-up, we would call it. We are confident you have followed our recommendation and have watched Babylon Berlin by now. Then you know that the “Rote Burg“ (red castle) plays a major part in it and that this name means the police´s headquarters at square Alexanderplatz.

In reality there were two historic buildings known by that name. What is meant in the series is a red building on Alexanderstraße, that was destroyed in World War II and never rebuilt. By the way, this was the largest building in Berlin, among the Berliner Stadtschloss, which was recently reopened. Nowadays you will find the shopping mall Alexa instead of the red giant. This is why the production team had to figure out another way of resurrecting the house. They chose the Red Town Hall for the facade and the interior of the Schöneberg Town Hall for the rest of the scenes. Some of them taking place in legendary restaurant Aschinger were shot in the traditional restaurant in Schöneberg Town Hall´s cellar.

If you want to know, which other movie scenes were shot at Town Hall Schöneberg, take a look at this fine list.

And why don´t you climb on top of the Red Town Hall´s tower and take a look at our sky right now?
Whoever stands in front of the Brandenburger Tor today, has either seen the Berlin Wall here in times of the partition of Germany or is too young for this and just knows the place to be a tourists´ hotspot. Driving through the gate by car is something not many people may have done. When Billy Wilder was making his comedy “One,Two,Three“ from June to September 1961, history had a mean little surprise for him and his team. On 11 and 12 August they could still shoot scenes with cars driving through the Brandeburger Tor. But on 13 August the crew was surprised by the building site of the Berlin Wall. Nevertheless you can watch the scene at the beginning of the movie.
The production team of “Around The World In 80 Days“ (2004, with Jackie Chan as Passepartout) didn´t take geography too serious. This 19th century London scenery we can see in this scene is actually Berlin´s square Gendarmenmarkt and the concert hall.
One of the GDR´s most successful movies was „Die Legende von Paul und Paula“ (the legend of Paul and Paula), written by Ulrich Plenzdorf. Even chancellor Angela Merkel once admitted it to be her favourite movie. Unfortunately there is no English version. If you would still like to get an impression, you can watch it for free on ARD online. Maybe then you would like to go to district Friedrichshain again or finally visit Rummelsburg Bay?

At the Märchenbrunnen (fountain of fairy tales) in Volkspark Friedrichshain (see picture below) another DEFA-movie was shot, “Coming Out“, directed by Heiner Carow, just as Paul and Paula was. It was the only film dedicating itself to homosexuality in the GDR. Besides, the opening night was rather memorable. The double feature show on 09 November 1989 at 7:30 and 10 pm was presented with a very special gift: the fall of the Berlin wall. The launch party took place just a stone´s throw away from Bornholmer Straße, where one of the first border crossings for East Berlin´s inhabitants was installed at that night.
Have you ever visited the Museum of Film and Television? As soon as it may open its doors again we highly recommend you to take a look inside. No matter if you care for Marlene Dietrich´s heritage or documents of famous directors Werner Herzog and Fatih Akin - you won´t be disappointed. Just get your first impression by trying out our links to the broad offer online. The library is also worth a visit and of course you can enjoy loads of movie history on screens at the Museum.
Talking about Berlin movie settings we mustn´t forget Wim Wenders´ “Wings of Berlin“. Even if Bruno Ganz only sat on the shoulder of a scenery angel on a copy of the victory column (vertigo is a cruel thing - the column´s height is only 67m!), we have to think of this scene whenever we see the real column shine in the sun. If you don´t know what we are talking about, let the trailer refresh your memory.
We are heading back to our home quarter Kreuzberg now. Only Berlin´s inhabitants and fans will have noticed, that Lola in “Run Lola Run“ doesn´t take a logical way. But that doesn´t matter, the unique narrative form and the film´s innovative character remain significant up to today. If you haven´t seen it yet, let “A film in three minutes“ tell you all about it and please take an extra close look when getting to the moment 1´11´´, when Lola crosses the marvelous bridge Oberbaumbrücke we´ve visited earlier.
The series “4 blocks“ was made even closer to Orania.Berlin. Broadcasted on the channel TNT Serie and Netflix since 2017, the three seasons deal with organised crime in Neukölln´s and Kreuzberg´s clan scene. The authors as well as one of the directors were risking a lot trying to do proper research by getting into the real underworld before shooting the series. The exciting action takes place at some of the locations we have already visited together: Sonnenallee, Görlitzer Park and just around our corner, Kottbusser Tor.
Once a year even “Kotti“ resembles a romantic spot. We say our goodbye with this magnificent view, because it is not far from here to Orania.Berlin. There´s only one thing left to say now:

“May the Force be with you.“
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