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After a long winter, spring is starting to show up in Berlin. Spring as recurring ambassador of the New and Colourful leaves us longing for inspiration. Longing for input and chances to think outside the box. That´s what we would love to go to the theatre for now.
As cultural melting points, mirrors and cartoonists of current developments and, last but not least, places of joy and creators of "Don´t worry, be happy" moments, we do miss theatres.
March 27th was a far too quiet World Theatre Day with no open houses and special events theatres usually invite visitors to on this special occasion.
That´s why today we want to show you what Berlin theatres are spending their time with during lockdown and hope to help you and us feel a bit better afterwards.
Let´s start with good old Friedrichstadtplast in district Berlin-Mitte.
Since 1919, just some meters away from the river Spree, the revue theatre houses the world´s largest theatre stage with 2854 m² of usable space. The audience may expect the popular Friedrichstadtpalast ballett company with 60 female and male ensemble members from all over the world.
If you have never sat in one of the audience´s chairs, just take a digital look at the theatre from the inside.

After the last revue „VIVID“, it was just today that the theatre announced rescheduling the opening night of their new grand show „ARISE“ from autumn to August 07th. Watching the trailer we´re curious already!
Literally next door to the revue theatre, in the same building as Friedrichstadtpalast, we find Quatsch Comedy Club. You can enjoy finest stand up comedy here, when the stage is not closed due to “laugh-down“, as the website puts it.

1992 Thomas Hermanns founded the first of today´s five Quatsch Comedy Clubs in Schauspielhaus Hamburg´s canteen. He thereby brought stand up comedy, as we know it today, to Germany. In 2002, the main location for the wellknown show was moved to the basement of Friedrichstadtpalast, so-called Kleine Revue. The programme usually changes weekly.

There´s also a place for stand up comedy in our neighbourhood. Where else could it be than in one of Berlin´s famous “Spätis“ (these are small shops; a combination of kiosk, supermarket and social hotspot with long opening hours)? When there are live shows, comedians put on their shows for just some voluntary donations.
If you understand a little German, why not have a look at one of these events. Passun Azhand, founder of Kotti Comedy, explains how our quarter works, located at famous Kottbusser Tor.
Let´s turn to classical forms of the performing arts now and visit Volksbühne Berlin.
The theatre at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz looks back to an eventful history.
After a first version was founded in 1890, there were several different organisational ways and buildings forming the theatre until the fall of the Berlin wall.

From 1915 to 1918 the institution was directed by theatre legend Max Reinhardt.
Over the last decades, it is mainly Frank Castorf (theatre manager and artistic director from 1992 to 2017) we may thank for shaping the image of how we know today´s Volksbühne. In 2016 and 2017 the theatre even won the award for German theatre of the year. There were some changes of management since then and from next season on (2021/22) wellknown director René Pollesch will take the lead.
Should you feel like having had enough sweets during Easter days, we recommend you to join Volksbühne and the Humboldt university of Berlin for a 360° show called “Anthropos, Tyrann (Ödipus)“ today until 7pm. There are English subtitles and you can even use your VR glasses.
Worldknown theatre Berliner Ensemble is more into analog theatre these days (by the way: you really should be on stage here once!). The theatre at Schiffbauerdamm, a street right at the riverfront, has received its name in 1954,
referring to Bertolt Brecht´s legendary theatre crew.

It takes part in a Covid-19 pilot programme “Berliner Pilotprojekt Testing“ and hereby engages in the longterm reopening of theatres in times of the pandemic. On March 19th the project started with „Panikherz“. 350 people with a negative antigen test were allowed to experience theatre live. There will be some more similar events until 4th of April and results will be evaluated afterwards.
Another attempt to rise the social awareness of the importance of the arts in general, is „Kultur ins Grundgesetz“, a petition asking for culture to become a basic legal right. We let these projects give us hope to see curtains up soon. Because we actually want everything we miss to come back. We want it all immediately (German: alles sofort). Do you know what we mean?
If you feel like handling family issues, tune in to the streaming of „Väter und Söhne“ (Fathers and Sons), based on the novel of Iwan Turgenjew, today and on April 10th, which carries English subtitles.
Have you already watched “Ku´damm 56“ on Netflix? Well, the German television production turns into a musical in November. The story of a family in Berlin´s fifties will be put on stage by Stage Entertainment in beautiful Theater des Westens.

Founded in 1896, it has been one of Germany´s most popular opera stages and is today one of the bestknown theatres for musicals. You can get your first impression of the show in a brandnew trailer.

We furthermore couldn´t resist to show you the theatres stunning mirror hall as you are currently not allowed to get your own impression.
If you can´t get enough of Berlin´s theatres, the schedule of Berlin Bühnen lists everything happening digitally on the German capital´s stages. We are sure you will find something suitable for your taste and homeoffice appointments.

We are saying goodbye now and turn back to the theatre we welcomed you with. Friedrichstadtpalast manages to leave us with optimism, when it says:
“Theatres will surely/safely come back.“
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