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After having told you a bit about Berlin´s theatres in the last newsletter, today we want to take a closer look at the city´s music scene. Due to the lockdown, there seems to be silence all over. Fortunately, this is not completely true. Many artists have generated new, creative ways to show themselfes and are managing to commit to their passion and profession.
Take the Berliner Philharmoniker, for example.
With their Digital Concert Hall they´ve created a fantastic platform. After signing up for free, there´s a playlist introducing you to chief conductor Kirill Petrenko and some of the orchestra´s musicians in an interview and via three recorded symphonies.

For the greater desire of classical music the philharmony also broadcasts live concerts (with ticket or subscription). They are available in the archive afterwards as well as countless documentations and bonus material. Maybe you would like to join the next live stream on Saturday, April 17th, 7pm? Zubin Mehta conducts Bruckner and Messiaen.

By the way: the sculpture on the right picture was created by Keith Haring in 1987
(“Untitled (Boxers)“).
Rundfunkchor Berlin can also be found in the Digital Concert Hall.
In addition, the choir recently created its own digital concert series.The free online show
Auf ein Lied“ (eng.: Let´s hear a song) shows soloists in our very own Orania.Salon.
The artists have each chosen a song they feel related to. Maybe you feel like seeing our fifth floor again. Or you just haven´t listened to Schumann for too long? Just press the fast-forward button to 4´50´´ and you´ll have skipped the German interview :-).
David Robert Jones came to Berlin in 1976 to submit to withdrawal from various drugs. Without our spoiler picture above you probably wouldn´t know who we´re talking about yet, would you?
But as soon as we had mentioned “Heroes“ or the fantasy figure “Major Tom“, you would have been with us again for sure.
The song “Heroes“ can be found on David Bowie´s album with the same name.
Together with “Low“ and “Lodger“, two other albums, it is called the Berlin trilogy today.
During his time in Berlin, Bowie also played the leading role in Marlene Dietrich´s last movie “Just a gigolo“.
Because of Berlin´s huge impact on David Bowie and David Bowie´s huge impact on the history of music, we had to mention him today and show you the entrance of the house he lived in in the 70s. It is placed in Schöneberg´s Hauptstraße 155, right in the Bavarian quarter we have told you about in one of our last mails.
Maybe this is the right time to listen to “Space Oddity“ (Ground Control to Major Tom…) again?
March 18th marked the first anniversary of United We Stream.
The project startet off as donation campaign and streaming initiative driven by Berlin´s club culture at the beginning of the pandemic in Germany.
We really miss Berlin´s nightlife and play the 38th streaming for the rest of our homeoffice day. Thanks to arte concert we can enjoy more than five hours of finest DJ work in just one of  many published videos.
Singer Anna Margolina and pianist Kenneth Berkel are dedicated to a completely different style of music. The two artists from Berlin have developed a series of online jazz concerts,
“Old Fashioned Sleepless Nights“, consisting of live music and inspiring discussions - in German, sorry. Nevertheless, giving the wonderful music a try is definitely worth it. You can already enjoy two seasons on YouTube. Parts of season three are going to be shot here, in Orania.Berlin. The project is financed by crowdfunding, using Startnext.
We can look back on a beautiful piece of common history with pianist Rossano Snel.
The artist has already performed at our Orania.Concerts and has recently released
his album “10 Days Of Snow“.
Its cover is formed by the photograph above taken by our very own Käte Müller,
creative director of the hotel.
She took it in February standing on the Kottbusser Brücke.
Despite the lockdown, Rossano keeps finding an audience for his music, not only on Social Media (Instagram: rossanofrombrazil), but also on subway trains, in train stations and playing on the streets of Berlin.

Even though our doors are still closed for public, we exclusively invite you to Orania.Berlin now. We had the pleasure of shooting musicvideos with some of the bands we´re working with.

Fancy some fresh energy? Gene Caberra Band was allowed to bring the funk to our pots.

Gate To Venus makes an exception and takes you to those parts of the hotel, which are usually only haunted by employees …

Together with Sterofysh you can take a groovy walk around our block.

Cosmo Klein and the Campers´ musicvideo might make you miss us as much as we miss you…
If you´d like to have some more Orania.Feeling on your couch, in your car or in home office, just listen to our playlists on Spotify (please scroll down a bit on our Website). Your musical director Matti Klein has selected great songs of Berlin artists, that will remind you of your past Orania.Stays.
We hope you enjoy the music and are happy to welcome you back soon to our Orania.Concerts. Not only digitally, but live and in colour!

We would like to end today´s newsletter with some of David Bowie´s words:
"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming."
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