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It is exactly the hundreth time we will celebrate the International Women´s Day this year on March 8th. A good opportunity for us to introduce you to some of the Berlin women we are fascinated by. Following this year´s theme: „Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.“, we are starting with one of our very own.

„ ´Behind every great man, there´s a great woman.´

I´ve been wondering for a long time now why the woman is supposed to stand behind the man.
For ages the hotel business was an industry completely ruled by men. If you were talking about the hotel manager, you were talking about a man, needless to be said. In the rare event of a woman leading a hotel it was an exception or the family business without male descendants.
Fortunately today there´s a trend towards more female leaders in hotels.
In Orania.Berlin for example we´re seven female and seven male leaders. The whole team consists of 21 women and 25 men. But even if this is a very balanced example – if really looking for justice, there should be only female workers fort he next hundred of years. And men waiting at home for women to return, just as way back when, styled and perfumed, the children already put to bed and dinner ready to be served. We´re even today far away from justice.“

- Jennifer Vogel, Hotelmanager Orania.Berlin

Before digging deep into these themes, let´s look the bright sides of life, women theirselfes.
Without paying any attention to a quota system, because this time it is really just about women.
Women in Berlin, who excite us with their personalities and projects.
Mrs. Zelle and her inspiring flowershop ARTDOOR demonstrates perfectly that flowers can´t only mean a nice present for women, but also a solid business. She is bursting creativity, courage and honesty and has started to prove herself to Kreuzberg culture in the 80s.

Quote on the first photo: MY FLOWERS AREN´T STUPID

In Decembre not far from Orania.Berlin a new bookstore, as wonderful as unusual, was opened:
It is all about female and queer authors here. Its creative and colourful team offers some online events via zoom at the moment. We feel that this is exactly the bookstore this city was still lacking!

Another exciting figure is CAROLINA AMAYA.
The artist came to Berlin five years ago, after having saved every cent for this back in Columbia.
She was awarded a grant by an institution that supports artists in Berlin Weißensee for a year and is now working succesfully and fully independent. She even engages in political activities.
Well, and her next project will be an exhibition at the KADEWE Showcase. What a powerwoman!
One, who engages less in art than in the fight against hunger, is SABINE WERTH.
28 years ago it was her, who founded the Berliner Tafel, the first institution in a germanwide network of voluntary workers, who cook and provide food for the homeless. She´s been the head of it all honorary since then. In 2019 she was rewarded with the Take Off Award for lifetime achievement. And in our opinion she absolutely deserved it.

Last, but not least, we´d like to draw your attention to a relatively young musicfestival coping with themes like visibility and equality for all human beings:

The name referes to the tradition of the former German Democratic Republic of presenting women on Women´s Day with carnations and chocolate, just as we do even today for Mother´s Day.

The festival, though, leaves all of this behind and provides digitally for concerts and discussions on the day before International Women´s Day, March 7th at 7pm. There is Hip-Hop and Rap, performed by female artists from Denmark, Spain, France and Germany.

We especially fancy the fact that thanks to Zoom we can at least optically and emotionally meet the artists ourselfes and finally enjoy a little bit of live-concert-feeling again.


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